Cloudy Bay house

The Cloudy Bay house is located on a beautiful, remote and windswept stretch of coast on Bruny Island off the south coast of Tasmania. The house provides a protective enclosure against the harsh extremes of the climate, echoing in its form the profile of the wind-sheared vegetation on site. The roof is low to the south to deflect the wind but opens up to the north to capture the winter sun.

The house comprises three main rooms addressing an enclosed external courtyard which contrasts in scale with the awesome and open context of the wider landscape. A series of framed views are provided from both the courtyard and the house via shuttered windows and openings. The south-east headland bay is exquisitely framed as a view through the central axis of the house. 

To control quality and limit the construction period on-site in the extreme climatic conditions, the house was prefabricated in a Sydney workshop before being container shipped to Bruny Island and assembled on a pre-prepared concrete raft slab.

The construction of the house comprises an exposed timber hardwood frame with timber lining boards slotted within it. All of the timber is recycled and fully retrievable. The building is clad externally with highly durable fibre cement boards.  The robust and enduring copper roof is weathering beautifully over time.

Water supply for the house is solely obtained from rainwater harvested from the roof and the house relies on effective passive solar design for heating and cooling.

Larissa Johnston worked for eminent Sydney architect Richard Le Plastrier on the design of the house and also assisted builder Jeffrey Broadfield in the construction of the house both in the workshop and on-site. 

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