Harestone Valley House

This new-build contemporary house is located on a sloped garden site in the Harestone Valley area in Surrey. To minimise overall height and impact on neighbouring properties the house is partly cut into the hill. It is spatially arranged to maximise light and allow internal spaces to interact directly with the surrounding landscape. A series of immediate and distant ‘green’ views are framed as you move through the house.

The house comprises two rectilinear volumes connected with a generous vertical circulation slot which houses the main entrance and the staircase. This ‘slot’ also allows for views through to the upper garden as you enter the house at the lower level.

The lower volume projects out from below the upper volume to enclose an intimate garden space to the east, onto which the bedrooms open. The study area at the lower level also faces a small excavated courtyard which connects the depth of the basement plan with the light and landscape.

The upper volume contains living spaces which open up to the west garden. These spaces are dual aspect, addressing the striking views to the east and west hills juxtaposed with the more intimate foreground view over the flowering roof to the east.

The building is clad in timber and landscaping components, such as the retaining walls and fences, are formed from railway sleepers. Both of these timber elements are untreated and will weather to grey over time emphasising the natural quality of the building and embedding it within the landscape.

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